Cerebral Success: Ingredients, Dosage & Side-Effects

SmartX, a Cerebral Success product, is a powerful neurological enhancing supplement for brain power. It is considered pharmaceutical grade because of its contents, which are within 99% purity. There are no fillers, binders, dyes or unknown ingredients used in these pills. The pills are specifically formulated to improve memory, increase focus and concentration, and energize your brain.

Ingredients Used in Cerebral Success

  • Huperzine A: This natural compound is commonly used treat dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive deficiencies. In SmartX, Huperzine A works by preventing Acetylcholinesterase from destroying acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter.
  • Vinpocetine: This ingredient is widely used for its ability to increase blood flow to the brain. More blood flow ensures more oxygen to keep your memory intact.
  • Phosphatidylserine: This is an important structural component of brain cells. Our body can make phosphatidylserine, but looks for most of it in the food we eat, preferably through soy.
  • Bacopin®: Repeated use of Bacopa has been linked with improvements in memory and learning ability. This is the reason why this compound is being used for centuries now.
  • Glucuronolactone: This ingredient occurs naturally in the body, as a result of the metabolism of glucose. Research shows that glucuronolactone, when combined with other ingredients like caffeine and taurine, has positive effects on mental performance and mood.
  • DHA: This is an essential nutrient for the brain, which helps to maintain brain fluidity and cognitive functions. Very few foods have it, which makes it really important to supplement your diet with DHA.
  • Caffeine & L-Theanine: Caffeine has been seen to have a positive effect on focus, concentration and general brain functions, while L-theanine has been found to have anti-stress effects. Repeated use of this combination can result in improved vigilance and reduction of errors.

In addition to these, SmartX consists of B-Vitamins, Schisandrin A to provide a mental edge against the competition, L-Tyrosine for a significant decrease in mental and physical fatigue, Cognizin® for brain health and L-Glutamine, which contributes to learning and memory.

Dosages & Side-Effects

It is strongly recommended to start with one tablet and work your way up to two, if you feel you can handle it. However, never take more than 4 in a day or 16 in a week.

Given the ingredients used, side effects are possible. SmartX increases flow of blood and nutrients to the brain, which could potentially induce or strengthen headaches. However, in very rare cases, it might cause nausea, jitters, appetite suppression and depression. It is best to consult a physician before use.

How it Works

Depending on when you need brain power, you can consume it in the morning for a powerful, productive start or in the afternoons to combat post-lunch sleepiness and fatigue. The pills work by strengthening the walls of the brain cells, providing essential vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, increasing blood flow to the brain, stimulating protein synthesis, and boosting neurotransmitter production.

The reason for the immense benefits of SmartX, by Cerebral Success, are the ingredients within, which have shown to increase memory and recall, focus, mental fatigue, and anxiety and supports healthy brain function.

SmartX improves brainpower by increasing blood flow to the brain. Hence, you can take it before tests, presentations or debates for best results.