Tips on Getting Lucky on a First Date

Tips on Getting Lucky on a First DateMost men often fancy getting lucky and getting some between-the-sheets fun on their very first date with women they’ve the hots for. There is nothing wrong with that, and unless you’ve got a medical problem down there, you should be an optimist.

For those of you that do get anxious when there’s an opportunity at hand, it isn’t time yet to feel depressed. More and more men are turning their attention to natural enhancements to stay confident about their sexual prowess. About 40% of adults of aged 25-54 are reported to have sex after their very first date!

Not being in your 20s anymore is no reason to stop hoping to get lucky on one’s first date. A TenGenix review on Men’s Health Digest claims that these pills for natural enhancement for men can fire up your pheromones and help you attract the woman of your dreams for that first date.

Work on How You Look

This is probably the most important point. You can never hope for her to understand you fully after just one date, so try charming her with some smart dressing. Shave a day in advance, shower well, and wear the best cologne out there. And while you’re at it, get yourself a good natural enhancement pill for men.

Don’t Intrude her Comfort Zone

If you’re thinking about getting laid right after the first date, make sure she is feeling comfortable around you. Don’t let any tension build in your exchanges, and be laidback and funny. However, make sure your jokes aren’t sexist or racist, and your comments don’t make you come across as a creep.

Pick the Right Date Spot

Whether you’ll get lucky on your first date will depend to a great extent on the date spot. Places where you can do physical activities together allow you to initiate physical contact every now and then. Options include bowling, mini golf, or even the amusement park. Establishing some physical intimacy is important to get to the higher stage. This has positive results, more often than not, so do start taking a herbal supplement that has no side-effects, in advance.

Show Familiarity

This helps to ease the jitters at the start, and fast-track the part where you get to know each other. Stop fidgeting and acting nervous, and talk to your date like you would with an old friend. Often, a date will end even before you are done understanding your partner. Often, inhibition and being low on confidence can be a result of low testosterone, without your even knowing it.

Andro 400 is a popular testosterone-boosting supplement, and TenGenix is believed to improve responses to sexual stimulus. Both are natural enhancement pills for men with no adverse side effects and proven results. Being the confident charmer is essential on a first date you really want to make the most of.

End it Before Time

Being fun to be with doesn’t have to mean you right away give them the key to your inner self. Be a little mysterious by ending the date a little earlier. This doesn’t mean being rude with your date, but valuing your time and gambling on your chances on your first date.